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Jul 28, 13


Happy 2014 from Jimmy Lux & Tommy Rome:

Thanks for all the love. Check out our song in a the current Corona commercial. Did you see the 2013 Chevy Spark commercial with our song. Oh yeah. Click here and here to watch. Also we’ve now got dozens of songs in hollywood movies, Ocean’s 11, Ocean’s 13, Me Myself and irene, Drillbit Taylor and hundres of T.V. shows.  It,s going just marvelous.

STAY TUNED:  We’re inking some deals to get us back for a big European tour in 2014 and maybe a couple gigs in Las Vegas with Deano at the Sands. Hope to see all of y’all cats there.

THREE ALBUMS:  And for all of you who want to cha cha cha the music, this is the spot. Click here and you’ll be on your way to swinging with the big boys .  Cha Cha Cha

We’ve got 3 albums, so enjoy.

the big chevy commercial

Jimmy Luxury and the Tommy Rome Orchestra - Inventors of Swing-Hop